Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Purim Party

 The Feast of Purim was established in the Book of Esther.  A great victory and a great holiday ensued from a very sad and dangerous series of events: from Haman planning to kill all the Jews to Esther risking her life to intercede before the king.  We celebrate it at the Messianic House of Prayer with food, songs, dances, reading the Megillah (the scroll of the Book of Esther), and a costume contest.  All the entries must be related in some way to the Book of Esther in the vicinity of Shushan, Persia.
What a great way to teach young and old about this part of Biblical history, by celebrating Purim year after year. (Just one year won't do.)

Bro.Dave (Mordecai) reading the Megillah

The Shushan Shoe-shine with his son, who helps with the spit and polish.

Shlomit, the Shoe-shine's wife, with Chaim again, the littlest Shushan shoe-shine.

Queen Esther and Mordecai

King Ahasuerus, Shushan Seamstress, and Nehemiah, the king's cup-bearer.

Shushan Court Jester and the Palace Cat (she thought it was a "purring" party).

Another Queen Esther leaning against her mother, and a few more Mordecais.
In the background is the Myrrh maid who helps with the beauty treatments, and on the right are the the carrot and rabbit from the palace gardens.

Mrs. Olive Alongtime (91), one of the women who prayed and fasted for the queen. 

And the hamentashen! Totally delicious!  Made by Claire, Cara, and Anja (or Queen Vashti, the Court Jester, and the Palace Cat) 

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