Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hanukkah Happenings

A lot of Hanukkah happenings to report! 

Hanukkah begins the at sundown, the evening of December 20.  The last candle is lit on the evening of December 27, with Hanukkah ending at sundown on the 28th.  Our congregation, Messianic House of Prayer, is planning our annual Hanukkah party for the second night of Hanukkah, December 21, at 5:30.  You are invited.  Let us know if you plan to come.  If you do, you will see in real life many of the things that the book, Hanukkah is Great, was based on. 

To help you prepare for the Hanukkah season, we will be displaying our congregation's book table in our home the week of December 10 through the 17th.  If you have ever seen our book table displayed at Temple Shalom Yisrael, you should know that the items we bring are just one tenth or one twentieth of the items we have for sale.  We can't carry everything with us, so we just take a few samples each time.  We  have some excellent fiction and historical fiction books for young people, books for adults on Messianic Judaism, the feasts, etc., as well as materials on Creation Science, Homeschooling, Messianic Jewish CD's, jewelry, and Judaica.  We will also have some Hanukkah music in limited supply.  Shop early if you want a CD with great Hanukkah songs.  Besides using the profits to re-stock our booktable, some of the profits will be used to help in the publishing of our next children's book. If you plan to come by to shop, please call in advance to set up a time so we can be there - 708 534-8026. 

And finally, an update on the Hanukkah children's book.  Our wonderful artist, Christine McParland, put up an article on her blogsite about Hanukkah is Great.  You can see a sample of one of the pictures and part of the text that will accompany that page, at

Our layout man will be out of town for a few more weeks, so we are using the time to complete the final editing.  We've had people pre-order one case, plus 4 individual copies of the book.  They are still available at a big discount if you pre-order.  A case of 20 books (at 12.50 per book) can be gotten for $250.00.  And individual books can be pre-ordered for $15 a book. (Add $4 for shipping, if you will need it mailed out.)  Your check should be made out to Shalom Ministries, and mailed to Messianic Family Publishing, 553 Irving Place, University Park, IL 60484.

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